Do you have the right shoes for playing tennis?

Having the right shoes makes a huge difference each time you step on the court. By not wearing shoes designed and built specifically for the demands of playing tennis, you're risking your health and your game. The right shoes will grip the court, support you, and hold up to the rigors of pounding away on the court.

We carry more than 20 styles and stock over 500 pairs of shoes at The Tennis Shop. Our selection includes the top shoes from Adidas, Babolat, Prince and Wilson. We carry men's, women's and junior shoes in a variety of colors and styles.

Every foot has different needs, and each shoe has a different fit. We'll work with you to find the right shoe for your feet and your playing style.
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Tennis shoes Madison WI
Try running on ice, or a wood floor in your socks, traction matters. It matters even more when trying to change direction on the court. Cross-training and running shoes have tread patterns designed for running straightforward.

Tennis shoes have unique tread designs that are a mosaic of patterns, designed to grip the court no matter which direction you decide to go.
Tennis is all about changing direction in a flash, which means you need to be able to trust your feet. Typical running and cross-training shoes are designed for going in one direction.

Tennis shoesare made of more structured materials and built with a fitted design, giving you the support you need to cover the entire court.
Tennis shoes take a beating and need to be able to stand up to a lot of hard work on the court. Running and cross-training shoes are built to be lightweight, which means thinner outsoles and softer materials.

Tennis shoes are designed for everything the tennis court throws at them, including thicker outsoles and wearguards built in the areas most susceptible to dragging.
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